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We are a team of expert certified translators, members of the American Translators Association. Our certified translations are official documents, valid and accepted for all purposes.

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•      24 hour turnaround:       Your certified translations will be ready within 24 hours.

•      Flat Rate:                               $30.00 per regular page, no extra or hidden costs or fees.

•      100% Guaranteed:         We have been translating documents for the past 20 years.

                                                    Our certified translations have never been rejected by

                                                    USCIS or any other institution.

•  We provide certified translation services in over 50 languages. Click here for details.

•      Email           Digitally signed and stamped electronic certified translation, RECOMMENDED FOR USCIS

•      Office Pickup     Printed, hand signed and stamped.             CLICK HERE FOR OFFICE LOCATIONS

•      USPS Priority Mail     Printed, hand signed and stamped. ADD $10.00 TO COVER SHIPPING COSTS

•      FedEx Overnight          For extremely urgent cases. ADD $30.00 TO COVER SHIPPING COSTS

•  Placing the order online

•  email: info@tranlanguage.com


Take a good picture of your document with your mobile device and email it to us.

We specialize in providing certified translations for:

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Guaranteed Acceptance or we will Double your Money Back!!!

USCIS translations are our specialty! For the last 20 years, USCIS has received thousands of our certified translations and none of them has ever been rejected.  We know exactly how they want them and how to make them happy. All our customers can attest to that. We are so sure that our USCIS translations will not be rejected, that we give you a double money back guaranty. If our certified translations are rejected by USCIS, we will return you double the amount you pay us. No other translation company gives you this guaranty.

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