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The US Department of State requires that all foreign documents submitted be translated into English.

"NOTES. Foreign language documents should be accompanied by a formal English translation."

Our certified translations comply with all the requirements of the US Department of State for processing a US Passport application. We translate, among others, the following documents:

•     Foreign Birth Certificates

•     Death Certificates

•     Affidavits

•     Personal letters

•     Authorizations

•     Transfers of paternal rights



You can choose between any of the following delivery methods:

•      24 hour turnaround:       Your certified translations will be ready within 24 hours.

•      Flat Rate:                               $30.00 per regular page, no extra or hidden costs or fees.

•      100% Guaranteed:         We have been translating documents for the past 20 years.

                                                    Our certified translations have never been rejected by

                                                    USCIS or any other institution.

•      Email           Digitally signed and stamped electronic certified translation, RECOMMENDED FOR USCIS

•      Office Pickup     Printed, hand signed and stamped.             CLICK HERE FOR OFFICE LOCATIONS

•      USPS Priority Mail     Printed, hand signed and stamped. ADD $10.00 TO COVER SHIPPING COSTS

•      FedEx Overnight          For extremely urgent cases. ADD $30.00 TO COVER SHIPPING COSTS

Translations for US Passport Applications