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We will return you double the amount you paid for your certified translations when USCIS rejects them for any of the following reasons:

- The translation is missing important information.

- The translation format is not accepted by USCIS.

- The translation lacks the formal elements required by USCIS to be accepted.

- The translation does not comply with USCIS guidelines.

- The translation is certified by a person not authorized to certify translations.

- The translation is unreadable or hard to read.

- The translation is not neat or properly organized.

This guaranty does not apply when the certified translation is rejected for any of the following reasons:

- The translation contains typos, incorrect names, dates or other important information. (*)

- The information on the original (source) language is not correct.

- Missing information due to the illegibility of the original document.

(*) We are extremely careful with the accuracy of our translations. However, since our translations are done by humans, not machines, there is always some small margin of error. This is why we always encourage our customers to review thoroughly our translations when they receive them and to communicate us immediately if any adjustments or corrections are needed. We then make all requested corrections, recertify and resend the certified translations. If the customer does not to report any existing inaccuracy within seven (7) calendar days after receiving the translation, we will assume that it is correct and will not be responsible if USCIS later rejects it for any error that the customer failed to report for correction.

Double Money Back Guaranty